WHat we do

TasLife Counselling specialises in relationships - the connections each of us have with the world around us.This can include our loved ones, intimate partners, children, workplaces, home environments and so on. Any, and all, of these connections can be complicated but the expectation is that we will learn as we go. Often this works, but sometimes our childhood and adolescence fall short in preparing us for adult situations. It is actually quite normal to make mistakes along the way to becoming a 'grown up', and part of our job at Taslife is to help our clients make sense of what seems to make no sense.

Discovering ourselves:
Sometimes we are impacted by the actions and behaviours of others and struggle to find our sense of 'self' in the chaos. At other times our choices, or lack of them, seem to lead to unfulfilling situations and connections with others.

Understanding our needs and how to communicate them, and if necessary respectfully defend our boundaries, can be key to living an authentic and rewarding life. Knowing who we are and what we want from our lives is fundamental to our sense of identity. Taslife can help sift through the noise and walk with you to discover who you really are.

Emotional control:
Taslife practitioners are also available to offer support to anyone who has/is acting in an abusive manner and would like to learn how to avoid using controlling/reactive behaviours to manage interpersonal conflicts. We recognise that anyone has the capacity for using abuse as a tool to get their needs met in a relationship. Those that use controlling behaviours and those that are impacted by them can learn to understand how choice affects personal outcomes. We focus on the improvement of behaviours through taking personal responsibility for what we do and don't do, as individuals, to improve our capacity to care about ourselves in a healthy and meaningful way.

We aim to provide counselling and educational support that helps you find solutions to the fundamental and complex questions you may have and help to  provide practical tools for you to change what you want to change - and even help you decide what that is. Our job is to help you unpack, unravel and identify what is holding you back from experiencing life to the full.   

If you have any questions you would like to ask of our team members, please feel free to send us a message by clicking the contact us link.

Meet our team

Each of our practitioners have a minimum of degree qualification to graduate level and above in psychology, counselling or social work. We also ensure that all our team members are registered with the appropriate professional peak association for counsellors, social workers or psychologists. 

Sally Jones

M. Couns., B. Hlth. Sci., B. Ed. (Prof Hon).,
Grad Dip Psych., PhD Candidate.

Specialising in:
Trauma, Relationship & Family Counselling

David Jones

B. App. Soc. Sci. (Counselling)

Specialising in:
Relationships, Couples, Interpersonal Conflict, Work-place Conflict, Organisations/Systems, Men's Counselling, and the use of Abusive behaviours/anger.


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