David Jones – Professional Bio

David holds a bachelors degree in Applied Social Science majoring in counselling. He works from a behavioural psychology model which examines the reasons we, as humans, do the things we do.

Over his career he has been employed in a variety of industries including manufacturing, corporate services, and allied health (counselling and behavioural change programs in AOD and Family Violence) and in a range of roles including leadership and management positions.  

He has two grown-up sons, has been a single dad, run a business and completed his degree all at the same time, and experienced relationships and loss. He is no stranger to pressure and stress.

This life-experience, together with his down to earth and practical approach to counselling, offers a supportive mix of education and strategic skills development that promotes personal growth and self-understanding. From this platform, clients can work on healthy emotional regulation, mindfulness, problem solving, distress tolerance, self-reliance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

David believes that the quality of our coping strategies are a function of the environments we operate in and our capacity/understanding of our choices in those environments. We can learn to make better, more informed, choices which in turn can lead to balanced and productive lives.


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