Individual Counselling

Do you sometimes ask yourself "is it just me or....?

No matter how good or bad we might feel our upbringing was, how our lives unfolded prior to this moment, or the life events that left us reeling, many of us will have had times when we were left questioning the point of it all. Are your relationships with partners, friends, families leaving you feeling unsatisfied, does your workplace generate a sense of anxiety every time you go to work, or is there something that you just cannot put your finger on that leaves you discontented? 

We can feel alone in a world full of people because we have not been able to find our place or our purpose, we don't feel as if we belong anywhere or perhaps we cannot love or care about ourselves. 

This isn't as hopeless as it might sound. More often than not, the reason we feel this way lies within us and professional support might offer you the key to the future you want, or can't even imagine right now. A new life could be just around the corner.

One thing is certain, if nothing changes you can expect to experience more of what has brought you to this webpage. If you take a step to regain control of who you are then anything is possible.

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