Support & Life education Groups

Attending individual counselling can be very informative and reassuring but sometimes it does not provide for the capacity to practice skills in a safe and controlled environment. There is more opportunity to interact, share differing opinions and see/interpret the responses of others when you are in a group setting. The group dynamic also reveals our similarities as well as our differences. We can see that our thoughts and fears are very similar to those of the people around us and that can help to form relationships and reassure that we are more 'normal' than we think we are. 

Support groups generally form around a specific issue, such as abusive relationships, substance abuse, or grief and loss for example. They allow for the sharing of experience, the group to provide mutual support and the opportunity to discuss the information provided with the group as you go which can help to consolidate learning and make it more 'real'.

Support groups are limited in size to 6 people and Life Education to 10 people so the groups are not intimidating.

Groups are formed around a particular topic or theme so attendees can be confident everyone is there for the same reason.

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